To advance the understanding of the subconscious mind in order to achieve optimal health.

To obtain and disseminate measurable data on how the subconscious mind works to alleviate related physical and/or psychological conditions.

We need to better understand how the subconscious mind heals the body and the mind. Throughout time, people have suffered from numerous emotional, physical and behavioral problems and have tried many methods to find relief. Our goal is to discover the optimal method for achieving greatly improved mental and physical health through the use of The Sidman Solution®.

Emotional memories of past events often create negative imprints leading to dysfunctional behavior and illnesses. Defense mechanisms that are no longer useful may set up future undesirable behavior, repetitive patterns and can result in health problems. When this happens, the subconscious mind continues to react as though there is grave danger. Based on Dr. Jacqueline Sidman's experience in working with thousands of clients, the conscious mind simply cannot access the root causes of problems that are stored in the subconscious mind.

Examples of problems that fall in these categories are: This is why the foundation will be designing research projects, recruiting test subjects, testing hypotheses and drawing conclusions as a process that will show how The Sidman Solution® accesses the subconscious mind and how it achieves such impressive results. This process of validating and quantifying research results will illustrate how working directly with the subconscious can eliminate unwanted behaviors, phobias and many other maladies, as well as correct serious health issues.

The Jacqueline Sidman Health Foundation's goal is to better understand how the subconscious mind works to heal people through directly accessing the subconscious mind and to do so without the use of long-term therapy, invasive procedures and drugs. Upon the completion of our first round of research, results will be shared with the world of traditional and complementary medicine, enabling people to live healthier and happier lives.

Board of Directors
Jacqueline Sidman, Ph.D., President
Max D. Lechtman, Ph.D., Co-Research Director
H. Vernon Roohk, Ph.D. Co-Research Director and Biostatistician
Elizabeth Lyster, M.D., MPH. Medical Director
Lillian Jensen, Treasurer
Patrick J. Carew, MBA, CFRE, Director
Julie Donald Roth, Director
Matt Barr, Secretary
Gerry Shigekawa, D.C., Director

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