Unrestricted Giving
Unrestricted funds give the Foundation flexibility to meet its most pressing needs, priorities and promising opportunities.

Restricted Giving
Restricted funds go toward administrative, academic, research or clinical interests of the donor.

Endowed Giving
The principal stays intact and only the interest is spent. Endowed gifts are an enduring tribute to the beliefs and values of the donor. The funds may be given for a specific program and named after the donor or after an honoree of the donor�s choosing. An endowment creates a lasting, highly visible link between the individual for whom the endowment is named and the ongoing achievements of the program.

Capital Giving
Capital gifts for building construction, renovation or equipment allow the Foundation to maintain an efficient facility to support its mission.


A pledge demonstrates your intention to make a gift to the Foundation and may allow you to give more generously over a longer period of time. The pledge may allow a donor to make a larger multi-year gift, which may enhance the tax deductibility.

Outright Gifts
Anyone can make an outright gift to the Foundation. These gifts may be tax deductible and provide immediate support to the Foundation and its programs. Outright gifts include: DEFERRED GIFTS

Bequests create a lasting legacy to the Foundation. You can make a bequest through your will or living-trust. A bequest can be structured as a gift of a specific asset, dollar amount or percentage of your estate. Sample language will be provided upon request.

Charitable Lead Trusts
Charitable lead trusts can be used to accomplish a tax-efficient transfer of assets to your family as well as to make a gift to the Foundation. They pay an income stream to the charity for a certain amount of years, with the trust assets passing to you or your family after the term has expired.

Retirement Plan Benefits
Your retirement plan benefits, including your IRA and other employer-provided retirement accounts, may be subject to both income and estate taxes. You may designate the Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan benefits. This is a tax-efficient manner of leaving an estate gift to the Foundation.

Life Insurance Proceeds
Life insurance proceeds are a cost-efficient asset to use in making an estate gift to the Foundation. You can designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of your life insurance benefits.

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