Overcoming Anxiety
"I suffered from performance anxiety, which surfaced at business meetings. I felt nervous, shaky and had a fear of speaking. I've had a complete turnaround. The intimidation is gone and hasn't come back." CEO, investment firm

Reducing Stress
"My life's constant stress resulted in high blood pressure and a heart condition. My stress level reduced immediately. My blood pressure went down 100 points overnight and has stayed down." Attorney

Eliminating Worry
"Worry about my future affected my sleep and all my relationships. After working with Dr. Sidman my sales have soared and I have a feeling of well being in all areas." Owner, advertising company

Enhancing Health
"I spent three years in traditional dermatology treatments for psoriasis. Doctors said that I should learn to live with the symptoms because I would have them for the rest of my life. I felt so ugly and I couldn't stand the itching, so I turned to Dr. Sidman for help. After the initial session, my major lesions, neck, face and scalp all ceased to grow and seemed to scab up. After I completed the program, all my lesions had fallen off. It has been many years and I am still psoriasis-free. I even survived pregnancy, which had previously sent my psoriasis into an angry fit." M. N.

Eliminating Sleeping Problems
"I came to Dr. Sidman for relief of a chronic sleeping problem which I had been suffering with for 17 years. Traditional talk therapy had not helped at all, and prescription medication made it worse. I began getting relief on my very first visit and made steady progress from there on. I have been symptom-free since then and, having returned to school to obtain a science degree, my grades have improved. The overall reduction in my general stress level was dramatic." M. S.

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